Khaligraph Jones back on Octopizzo’s case with Gym Trolls

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Rapper Khaligraph Jones seems to be having fun watching Octopizzo’s latest work out videos judging from his recent posts on Instagram.

The two have always been rumored to have some sort of beef but Khaligraph has always maintained that he has no beef with the number nane singer.

In an instagram post, the O.G poked fun at Octopizzo at the same time showing him with encouragement.

Khaligraph made a shout out to Octopizzo for joining the gym telling him it’s time he added some weight.

“Nimiwaambia Gym Ni Lazima, Hakuna Mambo Ya Kukonda konda apa, Oneni sasa Pia Pizzo de King Ameamua kushona Kama Van Damme, leave Him alone, Check Out His new song Called Stay On Youtube, The OGs Shall Be Respected #mrinternational” he posted

In a separate post, the O.G also poked fun at Octo with a photo shopped image of Octo looking all ripped and captioned in with a cheeky comment.

“Yenyewe Roho safi Apa Siwezani manze, I give up, Nimeacha ata Kuenda Gym sasa, pizzo de King Looking swole, There is no way am Competing with That, The OG is not being Respected, Leave me Alone.” added

Some of his fans were quick to point out that he is just being jelous of Octo for no reason.

“Aaaaaah we ni wivu ama vile unawhine mdomo si uwhine akili, Tunajua octo ni role model wako so STAY” wrote one Stacey Bonareri