Kenyans working at the Outering Road Construction Site accuse Chinese Bosses of Mistreatment

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Kenyans employed at a construction firm building the Outering road are raising concerns over mistreatment by the Chinese contractor.

A Kenyan who spoke to Ghetto Radio on Anonymity says their human rights and labour rights are being violated by the Chinese Company known as Stecol Tianjin Lmited.

The employee says some of them have suffered injuries while at work and have been dismissed without compensation.

“There is an employee who died here after metal fell on his head. These guys did not even bother to help with the funeral planning process. They instead replaced him immediately and went on with their duties like nothing happened,” said the employee.

Apart from threats, the employee is also verbal abuse from the Chinese foremen while giving instructions.

He further says that they have been blocked and threatened against joining any labour unions in their bid to have their grievances addressed.

“We have many issues that we would want labour unions to assist us with, but they have threatened us against joining any,” he says.

The employees who spoke to Ghetto Radio News say they felt encouraged to talk about their plights to Ghetto Radio after the expose on how SGR employees were being mistreated by their Chineses bosses was published on the Standard Newspaper.



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