Kenyans Spot Error On New Bank Notes

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Kenyans on Twitter on Wednesday pointed out what they termed as an error on the new bank notes released by the Central Bank Governor Patrick Njoroge.

Some Twitter users faulted the use of Banki insisting that it should be benki.

Apparently the Tanzania counterparts have benki on their notes and not banki as Kenya has.

The debate prompted CBK Governor to clarify the matter insisting that banki is the correct Kiswahili.

Njoroge stated that the word Banki was approved by former Minister for Economic Planning Tom Mboya since it came from the English word Bank.

“Mr. Mboya, the Minister for Economic Planning, maintained that it was the translation of an English word, so ‘Banki’ and ‘Benki’ were both correct. It was decided deliberately that on currency, ‘Banki Kuu ya Kenya’ comes before ‘Central Bank of Kenya’,” said Njoroge.

“On translation back in 1964-66, the first proposal was to translate the institution’s name to Banki ya Katikati ya Kenya. Mr. Michuki (PS Finance) gently rejected it and referred the question to Mr. Mboya, who proposed that it be translated as Banki Kuu,” further explained Njoroge.


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