Kenyans question implementation of Michuki rules

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Two weeks after the launch of Michuki rules, Githurai residents are questioning the implementation of the rules due to lack of proper checks by the police.

Those who spoke to Ghetto Radio News claim that they have never spotted a road block or come across police officers that are checking Matatus that have not complied with the rules.

Investigations conducted by Ghetto Radio have revealed that some matatus plying the Githurai route are escaping with impunity due to lack of the random checks.

Matatu operators have come out and admitted that the police are harassing them on the roads rather than focusing on enforcing the rules.

According to the residents who spoke to us most of them are aware of the rules that affect them thus making sure they follow them to avoid being fined even though some of the safety belts in the matatus do not meet the required standards.

The Michuki rules states that any passenger found not having used the safety belt will be fined ksh.500.


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