How Kenyans are creating pseudo accounts to insight celebrity beefs

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Kenyans on social media always want an interesting story to follow and for that some of them go to extreme lengths to make those stories happen.

How many times have you seen a celebrity share a post and term it as fake or from a fake account? Well many celebrities are falling victim to these online identity thieves.

The most recent victim happens to be Nyashinski whose name was used in a pseudo account to pick beef with bongo star Diamond Platnumz.

The account’s operator wrote a long post about how Shinsky thinks Diamond’s music is crap and that he should learn how to write and produce quality music.

An angered Shinsky took a screenshot and shared it with his fans urging them to ignore the fake twitter account. Fans went on to caution him to get his account verified so as to avoid such incidences in future.

“I have nothing  but respect for Diamond and his team and what they have done for east African music. I am not associated with this account.” Wrote Nyashinsky.

Well, If you thought it was just social media accounts being used, think again. Hart the Band once fell victim to a man who was claiming to be one of them and conning people of money to appear for shows but as soon as he received the money he would switch off the phone. The group went ahead to alert the public and even file a police statement to have the man arrested.

Smart Joker the comedian is also facing it rough today after someone uploaded an alleged conversation between him and a lady talking about sharing nude photos.

The conversation was uploaded on Kilimani Mums on Facebook claiming the comedian was cheating on his wife. Funny thing though is that the number alleged to be Smart actually has his real names on True caller registration so this one is still an unfolding matter.

It is high time such pseudo should be investigated and closed or the owners fined a lumpsome amount of money to avoid such cases.




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