Kenyans celebrating other teams in World Cup disappointing, says Origi

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The world cup has come to an end and fans all over the country are celebrating over France’s Victory.

Speaking to Ghetto radio sports International player Arnold Origi says it is so sad whenever there are competitions and most of the football fans in Kenya celebrate other teams and yet Kenya could be in the same position if we had their support.

“It embarrassing to tell kids when signing autographs that Kenya did not qualify for World Cup due to various reasons and this kills their moral of Kenya ever participating in the world cup.” said Origi.

There are high expectations  on players participating in international teams coming to represent the country in the competition.

Some of the reasons cited by experts as the cause of Kenyan’s poor performance in the World Cup include, poor football management in the country and lack of good stadiums.

“You cannot expect a player who is used to playing well at Wembley stadium to come and play the same way at Machakos Stadium”

Players are expected to perform the way they usually do in their clubs but they fail because the conditions while playing for the country are poor compared to those in clubs and this hinders performances says Arnold Origi


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