Kenyan songstress Vivian will walk down the isle

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Word on the street is that, the sassy singer and her long term partner Sam West held their traditional wedding earlier this week in a closed family affair.

“I asked God for strength and courage. He sent my Husband,” she posted.

Vivian,her fiancé and his family  were holed up in Kiserian where the two families were brought together in the Kikuyu traditional wedding.

The singer went on to reveal that the wedding will take place sometime this year and that fans should look out for it.

’We are so busy being up and down so how we will plan our wedding is different because of our time schedules. But we will start planning next month.’’ She said.

The couple had dated for two years before the Hero FM CEO Sam West proposed live on air while she was being interviewed on Citizen TV’s  10 over 10.

she went on to urge female artiste’s to embrace marriage and accept the publicity that comes with it for celebrities.

‘’A lot of female artists are scared of settling down and being public about it because of what people say but for me I think it’s the complete opposite. It’s becoming more acceptable. As a woman you need a stable partner so you’re not moving around. It’s something female artists should celebrate and let’s keep cheering them on and supporting them. There is the misconception that your career is over you, have to dress differently and so on but it’s not true. Life has to go on. You continue doing what you were doing before. I am very excited,’’ she said


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