Kenyans Hit In South Africa Attacks

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Kenyan High Commissioner to South Africa Jean Kamau has confirmed that Kenyans are among victims of the ongoing Xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

Kamau has stated that the Kenyans attacked are those from the Gauteng Province of South Africa.

“The Kenya High Commission has noted with great concern that several Kenyan citizens have been affected by the recent spate of violence through arson and physical violence as well as reported incidences of looting in various sections of Gauteng province,” said Kamau in a statement.

Kamau has also stated that the Kenyan High Commission has since reached out to the affected individuals and encouraged them to respond to the instructions and calls by the South African police to report and open files regarding all the incidences.

“The Kenya High Commission is in consultation with the South African officials and have been assured that the Government is putting all measures in place to provide security to people and property,” said Kamau.

The xenophobic attacks have seen many foreigners lose their lives and their businesses vandalized.

South African police have arrested at least 189 people in connection with the attacks.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has so far condemned the attacks calling for an immediate stop.