Kenyan Family re-unites in American TV Show Bag five million

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A Kenyan family which has not seen each other for over two years because of living in different countries was re-united on Thursday on a popular American TV show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

The family of four also won $50,000 (KSh 5 million) cash prize after playing a game where they are required to pick one card from a group of three with different figures inscribed at the back.

Ellen was hosting Kenyan girl Achieng Agutu who said she has not seen her family because of her studies abroad.

Achieng also narrated how she has been forced to do odd jobs like clean cars, babysit and even wash clothes for people to be able to fend for herself.

In the video shared on Ellen’s Youtube channel, She pretends to connect Agutu to her family via video call before the connection is cut off.

Ellen then proceeds to the control room to ‘fix’ the problem before surprising Agutu.

Turns out Ellen had flown in Agutu’s family from Kenya and her brother from South Africa.

Agutu is also and uber driver and teaches English to International students.

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