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Kenyan artists are up on the neck against the Kenya Tourist Board for enlisting Mafikizolo a South African musical group to headline the Magical Kenya golf Tournament and yet most of the Kenyan artist do not promote local sports says Kattis Ghetto radio sports presenter.
Speaking to ghetto radio sports Geng artist Mejja says that It is true that most Kenyan artist do not promote local sports .
“Most of the artists are money minded before they promote any thing like sports the first thing they think of is cash or a contract.”
“It was bad for Kenya Tourist board to enlist Mafikizolo to headline the tournament and yet there are a lot of kenyan artist who can showcase Kenyan talent and culture.”
“It should be a personal initiative for every artist or any talented person to promote local sports . If a fan sees you wearing a local sports team uniform they are motivated to support the team.