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Kenya Rugby Champions KCB RFC continue with the training tour today at Western Cape Sports School. The players concentrated on Skills, passing, warm ups and jumps during the morning workout program.

The training was done in five phases with warm ups that lasted 15 minutes each.

Phase one involved low intensity aerobics combined with dynamic stretching with the objective of increasing body temperature, heart rate and muscle readiness.

According to Western Province High performance Manager Jerome Paarwater the warm up of drills and dynamic stretches will enable KCB to showcase their transcendent style of rugby as they pursue a place in the history books by retaining the trophies back at home.

“KCB team will benefit from the trainings here in South Africa, we have put them under a training program like we did with the national teams that have been here before” said Jerome.

The team had specific skills with exercises performed at lower with coordination between different muscles from the ankle joint to the knee, hip, back, shoulders and head to ensure the perfect bodily movement is achieved.

The Bankers then had the final dynamic stretching that included speed, agility and quickness drills to stimulate the central nervous system this is in preparation for Wednesday’s game when the team play Western Province Rugby team.