Kalonzo Musyoka Denies Fathering Kiambu Man Who Looks Exactly Like Him

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Wiper leader one Kalonzo Musyoka was pushed to the wall to address his relationship with his doppelganger one Jesse Kinyanjui from Kiambu.

KOT launched a hashtag that has since gone viral, #KalonzoBro and he couldn’t ignore the pressure that came in handy. KOT was quick to suggest that the young man might be Kalonzo’s own blood since the resemblance was too close to dispute.

However, Kalonzo was quick to clear the air that that wasn’t his “Work” before claiming that he was equally surprised by his resemblance with the young lad.

“I have seen another Kalonzo in the internet. Huyo kijana wa Kiambu anaitwaKinyanjui ni Kalonzo kabisa. Ni Kalonzo tupu. When you see him you’ll think that he is like my true copy. He is my complete look-alike. But be assure that I didn’t sire him,” he said whilst in Embu on Thursday.

It is obvious Kalonzo was quick to dispute the rumor as he did not want it to elate to a case similar to Baba Abby’s (Ruto).

He has however expressed interest to meet Kinyanjui.


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