Juma Jux now dating Socialite Huddah Monroe

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Netizens are now convinced Kenyan socialite and business woman Huddah Monroe is now warming Tanzanian singer Juma Jux’s bed.

Back in 2017, Huddah revealed that she has a huge crash on Juma Jux who was at the time dating Vanessa Mdee.

Well, looks like Huddah has now had her wish answered judging from recent posts.

According to online detectives, Huddah Monroe and Juma Jux may just be enjoying some quality time together.

Yesterday Jux shared a video on his Insta stories at an unidentified resort, moments later Huddah shared a video on her own insta stories seemingly at the same location.

In a separate video shared by Huddah, netizens are convinced they spotted Jux in the clip.

Huddah however came out to rubbish the allegations saying that she is alone enjoying some good time on her own.

In 2019, Jux made headlines after introducing his Caucasian girlfriend Nayika to his online fans; however it seems the relationship did not last.

So is Huddah dating Jux or is it farfetched?