Juacali showers SautiSol with praise over new song

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Genge rapper Jua Cali has showered Sauti Sol with praise for taking Kenyan music to the next level especially after dropping their new song with Nyashinsky.

Sauti Sol are the first Kenyan musicians to get over 10 million views on YouTube after their song Melanin garnered 10 million views on YouTube in just Six months.

The group’s latest song ‘Short N Sweet’ featuring Nyashinsky is still trending first on YouTube, the song has garnered 1.4 million views just 9 days after its release.

Jua Cali could not hide his respect for the quartet and took to social media to give his two cents on Sauti Sol’s accomplishments. The rapper says he has nothing but utter respect for the quartet.

“Sauti Sol watu wangu manze nataka manze kuwabig up sana jo kwa hizi projects munafanya manze. Yani jo munapush hio boundary, yani jo munapeleka ngoma zetu, ngoma za Kenya to the next level manze. Yani ngoma jo inaweza chezwa Zambia, ngoma inaweza chezwa Angola, inaweza chezwa ata China manze. So big up sana endeleeni hivyo hivyo sio. Alafu next time jo make it ‘Long N Sweet’ au sio. Morale Jua Cali hapa respect,make it ‘Long N Sweet’ au sio. Morale Jua Cali hapa respect,” He said