Jobless Slay Queens

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I came across an update on twitter of a lady complaining about women shaming broke men.

It is sad that the society we live in expect men to always have money and women thinking they can  only keep up with men who have money maybe it’s time to let the world know that not all men have deep pockets.

If you don’t want to date a man without money, fine, you have every right to make that choice. But don’t shame him for his financial status. That is cruel. Money does not grow on trees.

That aside, let’s talk about the broke slay queens who live a lie.

Am saddened that there is quite a huge percentage of young girls who do not want to work but rather use relationships or friendships as job opportunities.

They want to create a notion on social media on how they live flamboyant lives only to find they reside in some single rooms out of Nairobi.

These are women who spend  90% of their time  doing makeups  and going to the club to attract their next prey since they will spend most of their day time at home and have no solid source of income .

They will visit big hotels and take pictures with celebrities to keep their online pages updated, the type of women who go and set standards kwa bar with phrases like ‘’ I do not drink any drink less than 5k’’ that is once they spot a potential ‘’sponsor’’ and in real life you find them kwa mama pima .

They will always be classifying men based on their financial status and will always be dissing men who do not have money and most have been categorized as home wreckers.

We need to teach our girls the contentment that comes along with self-earned money, it comes with so much satisfaction and a respect tagline on it .

If you are a lady who expects favors from men without working your ass off you should start Reevaluating  yourself .