Janet Mbugua demands apology from Ebru TV over Harassment Video

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Media personality Janet Mbugua has gone ham on Media house Ebru Tv after the station aired an episode of a skit targeting women on the streets.

In the video that has been shared on twitter, the host of the show walks up to different ladies aking to talk to them and when they ignore him he goes on to verbally harass them.

The video was first shared by a twitter user known as stepping razor terming it as sexual harassment.

“Some of @EbruTVKenya’s show, #EbruJibonge, are sexual harassment by any definition.

Watch this interaction; observe how clearly uncomfortable the women are, how the rude male host still follows & tells some of them off & how he liberally touches them!” he wrote

The tweet got the attention of media personality Janet Mbugua who has asked the media house to apologize.

“Wait how is this supposed to be funny? How can someone be normalizing street harassment in the form of this skit? When can we expect an apology from @EbruTVKenya??!! COME ON! WTH?” she wrote

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