Jaguar downplays political difference between him and Sonko

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Starehe Member of parliament  Charles Njagua alias Jaguar has downplayed  political differences between him and Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko saying such talks are baseless.

In an interview with Brekko team  this morning, Njagua  agreed to have been having problems with governor Sonko over operations of boda bodas in the CBD  but he says such difference should not be perceived as political enemity.

‘‘Sonko ni gavana na mimi ni MP so mtu asijaribu kufikiria tuelewane kama kwaya kwa mambo yote  lakini mimi sina ugomvi wowote na yeye tunapigiana masimu tumetoka mbali na Sonko [Sonko is the governor am an Mp we have diffrent jobs to perform some times we can have misunderstanding but that is not political war,we have come far with governor Sonko]’’ He said.

He further asked Nairobi county government to stop harassing youths who have been trying to establish barber shops and car wash and instead they should be given time to comply with regulations.

He faulted rogue askaris who have been using Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company offcials to harras and arrest youths at car wash  in Nairobi.

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