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“ It’s going to get worse” Rawbeena Responds to Chero’s lawsuit

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Singer Rawbeena has responded to a lawsuit filled by TV girl Chero.

According to the singer, she has evidence to back up her recent statements and has vowed not to apologize.

While speaking to journalists, Rawbeena also claims she bought the phone Chero is currently using and even has the phone’s back up linked the her own (Rawbeena) gmail account.

“Truth stands, I have helped her brand in the last two years. I wrote her CV, any project she embarked on, I did the proposal.The phone she is currently using, I bought and backed it up in Finish. It was in Finish then I changed it to English. In that way, whatever things she does has been backed up to my Gmail. I disabled it the other day coz there was a lot coming in,” Rawbeena said

Rawbeena also revealed that she recently filled a case against Chero over a certain BMW car.

In a separate interview Rawbeena said she will not apologize and dared the TV siren to proceed with the lawsuit.

“I am not going to apologize. I will wait for the seven days, if she wants to sue me, we will go to court. I am ready. I wanted to set the record straight and if i continue putting the record straight, it means it will bring her a lot of shame. But again, i am mature and i can’t stoop that low. If they want us to go that way, we will.” She said

Through her lawyer, B. Ong’eri of Daniel Orenge & Company advocates Chero demanded an apology from the singer.

Rawbeena recently ignited a conversation surrounding her relationship with Chero after revealing in an interview that she funded the TV girl’s lavish lifestyle.