Is the newest Sportpesa Jackpot winner a drunkard?

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Gordon Paul Ogada is the new multi- millionaire in town and as is human nature the public is already on his door wanting to share a piece of luck.

The fame of winning the Sh230 million Mega Jackpot early this week after correctly predicting 17 matches on SportPesa has also earned him some very unwanted attention.

Residents of Kibera where Ogada resides are now claiming the man drinks a lot and they are doubtful that he will do anything useful with his money.

A close confidant of Ogada says he has always had a good luck with the betting site but every time he wins a small amount of cash he spends it all on liquor.

“He once won 40,000 and spent it all on alcohol in one night,” said one resident.

According to the friend Ogada has been separated from the wife for over three years only for her to show up yesterday during the Sportpesa event.

The first photo of Ogada and his wife appeared online yesterday after neighbors had alleged the two had split long ago

As expected Ogada has already attracted some online love from Nairobi’s slay queen who are currently referring to him as the new ‘bae’.

Ogada met with another Jackpot winner Samuel Abisai to try and seek advice on how to manage his new found fortune.