Inspekta Mwala sentenced to one year after accident that killed pedestrian

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Actor Davis Mwambili popularly known as inspekta Mwala may face up to one year in prison after killing a pedestrian last month.

The actor had been charged with dangerous driving after he hit a man in Kaloleni, Kilifi county on the night of August 26th.

The actor has now been fined ksh. 30,000 or face a jail term of one year.

“The offense of causing death by dangerous driving is not an ordinary offense. The people that commit this offense do not have a propensity for it, neither is it a crime committed for revenge, gain, lust or to emulate other criminals.

In those circumstances, the accused is sentenced to pay a fine of Sh30, 000 in default, serve 1-year imprisonment,” the senior principal magistrate ruled

Mwala also apologized to the family saying he had not intended to cause the accident.

“I am very sorry. I also ask for forgiveness from the family of the deceased. I had not planned to cause the accident. I had no intention to kill, save that an accident occurred and I cannot have left where I was to go and cause the accident,” he said

Police reported that the accident occurred when the actor tried to overtake an oncoming car and veered off the road hitting the 35 year old man.