Illegal Chemists Have Until Next Week To Shut Down

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All illegal pharmacies and chemists have until next week to shutdown or face arrests and forceful closure of their premises.

Dr. Jackson Kioko, Chairman Pharmacy and Poisons Board says that after next week they will be sending their officers on ground to effect the closure notices and arrests.

According to Kioko, all Chemists and pharmacies in operation must have registration certificate and health codes.

The board held a two day run across Nairobi Eastlands areas to sensitize people against illegal chemists and pharmacies that are selling unauthorized drugs that have expired to patients.

“All residents are advised that before buying drugs at any pharmacy or chemist they should first send the health code present to 21301 to confirm the name of the pharmacy and the name of the person selling the drugs.” he says.

“Most of the drugs which are being sold in illegal pharmacies are expired and mostly have side effects to mainly children.” He adds.

Jackson says that most of the areas affected are mostly the Eastlands areas where businesses have been formed due to high demand of health services.



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