If You thought Ivan Ssemwanga Made Zari Rich, Think again. Zari says

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Zari Hassan has revealed that she and the late Ivan Ssemwanga built their empire together.

A fan questioned Zari’s wealth after she posted a motivational advice to female hustlers.

The late Ivan and Zari were blessed with three kids during their relationship.

“While you’re looking for rich husbands, I wanna be a rich wife. #MondayMotivation to all my hustler ladies out there tryna make it in a male dominated world. We can do, wrote Zari.

A fan however challenged her saying Ivan sponsored her wealth

“But after all said and done Don (R.i.p) is still the sponsor of your wealth. But I like the way you have kept up his legacy. #RESPECT,” wrote the fan

To which Zari replied saying “@jeedymarto that’s where y’all get confused. He never made me, we made each other, we equally played the roles because we had big goals, big dreams. Y’all know Ivan after the boys have been born and grown, look back at my throwbacks and you’ll see what I mean,”

Ivan Ssemwanga died on 25 May 2017 at Steve Biko Academic Hospital, Pretoria, South Africa after being in a coma for 11 days.


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