“I need a Kenyan Bae” Tanzanian singer Lava Lava

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Tanzanian singer Lava Lava has now revealed that he is searching for a Kenyan bae.

The singer while speaking at a recent interview said he has had bad luck in love but is ready to give it another shot but only with a Kenyan bae.

The singer narrated how a certain Tanzanian lady toyed with his feelings and kept him as a boy toy yet he thought he was her man.

“I have really suffered in this thing called love. You see me releasing love songs but it’s a way to air out my pain. I once had a girlfriend who told me she is not dating. I even used to spend nights at her place but it turns out she had a man who used to travel a lot and one time he came back and found us at the house. That’s when I realized she was never mine. I am now looking for a Kenyan woman.” He said

The singer also refuted allegations that he is being funded by a certain rich Kenyan lady.

The Wasafi Records signee says that he was once spotted with the lady in question and people misinterpreted their relationship.

“I am not kept by a Kenyan sponsor. I once met the lady and when photos made rounds people assumed we are dating.” He added