I lost millions thanks to hacking- DJ Pierra

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Sassy DJ Pierra Makena has finally opened up about how she lost a multi million deal earlier this year when her account was hacked.

Pierra’s account which boasted of 300,000 followers on Instagram was also her business platform for promoting her events, gigs and products.

She shared how losing her account was more than devastating since she was set to sign a deal from a Hollywood company which was interested in her services but wanted to see her IG account first to verify clientele.

“One morning I was called by an agency in Hollywood because they wanted to see my profile on my Instagram page but they could not because it had been hacked, and that is how I lost it,” said Makena

The hackers are said to have demanded cash from her before they could give back her account.

She has since sought the services of a cyber security firm to retrieve her account but that has worked so far.