‘I don’t need a socialite to stay relevant’ – Madini Classics to Otile Brown

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By Annette Amondi

Coast based singer Madini Classic’s beef with Otile Brown is only gaining momentum after the former took to social media to poke Otile.

The two singers have not gotten along for sometime after Madini claimed Otile stole his music style.

After releasing his new song featuring Vivian recently, Madini took to facebook to fire salvos at Otile Brown saying how he doesn’t need a socialite to stay relevant.

“Dah! Nawashukuru sana rafiki zangu kwa kuzidi kunipa support nimeamini mziki mzuri hauhitaji socialite kama wanavyofanya wenye rangi maji ya kunde ili kupata a million views mziki mzuri ni mzuri tu sihitaji socialite to stay relevant mashabiki zangu 🙌 haya tuombeane duaaaa!!!!” Wrote Madini Classic on Facebook.


In a past interview, Madini claimed he fell out with Otile Brown after he stole his song and went on to emulate how he sings.

“Nikimuja Otile alikua rapper kutoka Mombasa na alinitumia message kwenye Facebook akisema anataka collabo. Nilimtumia audio na baadaye nikaskia alitoa ngoma na sauti yake ni kama yangu kabisa. Aliiba style yangu na akasell nayo,”he said then

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