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“I am still healthy and very fertile” Says Zari Hassan addressing plans of getting more babies

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Business woman Zari Hassan recently got married to a South African man in private function held in South Africa.

While on an interview with a Tanzanian journalist, Zari opened up about wanting to giver her hubby twins.

Zari however added that it may be difficult for her because her current schedule is very tight.

“Yea (I’m still interested in giving him twins) but it’s scary saa hizi kubeba mimba na hizi kazi ninazo” she said

Zari also added that she is very fertile but maintained that should she be unable to carry the pregnancy to term, the she will get a surrogate.


The mother of five added that she would like to have ten kids maintaining that she is very old school.

“I am still healthy, very healthy and fertile but if I can’t get pregnant for him we will get a surrogate. Kids are beautiful, nilitamanai kupata watoto kumi unajua watu wa zamani walikuwa wanazaa. I am so old fashioned and traditional I want 10 babies so my kids can have a huge family get together and a cook out. Okay maybe 10 is too much. No its not. Maybe. 10 Inshallah. It’s a blessing. Wanawake wanatufuta watoto hawazai. Wengine wetu tumezawadiwa kuzaa kama kuku so why not? Najiweza so hata akiondoka its fine” she added