Hundreds of Commuters Stranded as matatus keep off roads over Michuki rules

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Hundreds of commuters were today morning stranded without means of transport following the police crackdown on Matatus flouting Michuki rules.

Several commuters complained of high matatu fees charged by the few matatus on the road.

A spot check done by Ghetto Radio showed Rongai residents pay at least 150 shillings to town up from the normal 70 shillings.

Githurai commuters paid around 80 shillings from the normal 50 shillings.

On Sunday police impounded a number of matatus that had not adhered to the Michuki rules which required the matatus to at least have; speed governors, seat belts, the yellow lines, conductors and drivers should wear uniforms and badges.

The crackdown forced some matatu owners to keep their matatus off the roads to avoid arrest.

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