How Kenyans Hilariously Took #BabaChallenge Making #M7Challenge a Big Joke. (PICS)

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baba1Remember how Kenyans made the Museveni Challenge so popular that a local comedian had to die whilst trying it out? Oh, you weren’t aware? You heard me right, a local comedian died (hit by a car) whilst trying to pull it. Its that insane.

Now forget about Museveni and meet #BabaChallenge.

So unknowingly, CORD leader and former Prime Minister, one Raila Odinga just introduced another week of social media madness and memes after a photo he was captured whilst on the phone with one leg juxtaposed on a guzzler (on his expensive convoys) tyre. I can bet Raila never pulled the pose with intentions to send the media on “BABA CHALLENGE ACCEPTED” uproar.

But are Kenyans this idle? I mean where do we always get time to make fun on social media when we are expected to be working?

And that how #BabaChallenge was conceived with the photos doing round on social media meant to do harm on your ribs. And by the way I thought this is men’s thing……but seems our ladies want gender equality in literally everything!!!!

And this is how day one of #BabaChallenge went like, expect more madness in the coming few days. Kenyans oh Kenyans;

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