How beggars have changed tactics to charm their way into your pockets

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Even after the May crack down where at least 78 beggars were arrested and taken to rehabilitation centers, beggars seem to have found their way back to town.

This time however the beggars in the Nairobi CBD have changed tactics of getting money from the pockets of friendly Narobi residents.

From singing entertaining songs, to praying using the rozari to using children to beg, the beggars have found new ways of charming their way into the pockets of Kenyans.

One beggar along Moi Avenue told Ghetto Radio News that prayer with her rozari is her way of attracting sympathy from passersby in order to give her something.

“I have five children and their father died now i have to look for a way to feed them and i have no means of livelihood,” she said.

She says she is from Awendo in Migori County and that she is not a foreigner as perceived by many people.

“We are not from Tanzania as people assume we are just Kenyans looking for a way to feed our families on Kenyan soil,” she added.

A spot check conducted by Ghetto Radio at OTC, Moi AvenueB, Kenyatta Avenue and Tom Mboya street with at least one begger at every corner block of the street.


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