Restaurant on the spot for assaulting and harassing employees

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A Restaurant owner in Ridgeways Kiambu Road has been accused of physically assaulting and harassing his employees.

Boniface Maina who is the owner of El Camino Restaurant  and his wife Stacy Nyawira have been accused of by at least two employees of being physically assaulted  by the two while at work.

Joyce says she was slapped on Thursday by the wife of the director who went further and pulled off her hair.

She says at least more than five employees have complained of being harassed and threatened by guns by the manager and his wife.

Victor Sirari says he was also slapped and fired by Mr. Maina after he failed to deliver a receipt to him as demanded.

The two have since reported the matter to the police and are awaiting justice.

The restaurant’s management refused to comment when contacted about the issue.