Hopekid reveals he got tested after Herpes scandal

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Gospel singer Hopekid has revealed that he had himself tested after a certain lady accused him and DK kwenye beat of infecting her with the disease.

Earlier this year, an unidentified woman accused the two artistes of raping her after she came to Nairobi to meet with Hopekid.

Speaking to a local publication, the singer said he was forced to go for the tests just in case someone came poking.

The singer did not divulge more details about  how the case was settled saying that the parties signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

“We signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) so I’m limited on what to say about this issue but there was never a rape case and nobody was infected with herpes. Yes, i went and got tested, not because i had it but at the end of the day i was under legal advice and i wanted to have every documentation right so that when anyone comes knocking, i have my papers ready.” he said

Hopekid also added that the scandal broke him and he had to seek advice from his Bishop.

“When this scandal went viral, i submitted the whole issue to my bishop, Welley Odendo of life pool chapel. He gave me a wise perspective. If it was up to me, I’d have done unthinkable things like posting her on social media. I knew if i posted her, she is a suicidal and the unexpected would have happened it would be all on me. I didn’t want that on my conscious. That’s why i kept quiet. “he added

The singer maintains that despite the scandal, he and DK are still friends.

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