Hillarious Kenyans take up #EyeWitnessChallenge

Hillarious Kenyans take up #EyeWitnessChallenge

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By Elishifa Wangeshi

Kenyans portray so much humor online, and you will agree with me ,not a single event  goes unnoticed by the Online battalion.

The #JimmyChallenge was one that went viral with Kenyans sharing all types of photos .

Sadly the death of Nyeri Governor on Tuesday was no different and Kenyans are on it with the namely #EyeWitnessChallenge.

In what Many Kenyans feel  is a bit weird one  guy   has appeared as an eye witness in two different scenes (Nyeri Governors death scene and Nakuru Chopper Crash ).

The spooky eyewitness has left Kenyans  speculating who the mysterious  man Is.

But that aside, his looks comprised of his blue tooth device and his Shades  have made Kenyans  take on the #EyeWitnessChallenge.

Check out a a few pictures of Kenyans online and you can let us know who you think won.

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