Hessy faces backlash over arrest of suspected “Al Shabaab” terrorist

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Undercover cop Hessy Wa Dandora and his team have come under sharp criticism following the arrest of young man over links to terrorism.

Ahmed Isa Adebeyi was arrested last week over a series of posts he had made on Facebook and WhatsApp claiming that he was an Al Shabaab recruiter.

On his Facebook post allegedly made in Tanzania Isa had stated that he was coming to Kenya to revenge the murder of Muslim Cleric Sheikh Aboud Rogo.

“All will confess and pay for their sins for their time has come. I told them i will be back and am back. I know them and i have personally declared Jihad on them,” stated isa.

His arrest however followed a backlash from Kenyans who argued that the guy had not committed any crime.

Some stated that his only crime was kujichocha (chest thumping). Others argued that his sentiments would only occur once in a million.

Hessy wa Majengo however stated that based on security threats the country has gone through, his sentiments would not be taken for granted.

The guy was reportedly presented to the ATPU for questioning.






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