Here’s how Genge Godfather Juacali met his wife Lilly Asigo

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By Annette Amondi

Popular genge artiste Juacali for the first time opened up on how he met his now wife Lilly Asigo.

Speaking at a recent interview, Juacali revealed that his now wife was a huge fan of his and he actually met her at one of his gigz.

According to the singer, he had graced a certain campus’ fresher’s night and Lilly was among those in the crowd.

He says Lilly was not even a student at the campus and she was only there because she had been invited by a friend.

The singer revealed that he noticed the lady singing along to all his songs as he performed and he was impressed.

She later followed him backstage for a photo and as they say, the rest is history.

“She was not supposed to be at the show ’cause it was a college fresher’s night. A friend was in the college, so she called her. So she came. As i was performing, i am looking, kwa corner, i see a lady with a black dress. Anaimba everything – she was literally singing everything” He said

The two have been married for years now and are blessed with three children.