Here are the suspects linked to the Ksh. 2 Billion fake money found at Barclays

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The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has released the list of the six suspects who were arrested in connection to fake Ksh 2 billion stashed at a deposit safe at the Barclays bank, Queensway branch.

The six were ambushed as they stashed money into the deposit box on the morning of Tuesday, March 19.

The six suspects are:

  1. Erick Adede-Owner of the Box
  2. Ahmed Shah- Fake Investor
  3. Elizabeth Muthoni
  4. Irene Wairimu Kimani
  5. Boaz Ochich – Bank official
  6. Charles Manzi-Bank official

The fake 20 million US dollars were found inside a customer’s safe deposit box by flying squad detectives acting on a tip-off.

The bank denied any knowledge of the money in their safe. Barclay’s bank says the money had been hidden “against the bank’s rules and regulations.”


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