Groups Clash Over Management Of Mathare Toilet

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Two groups in Mathare slums have clashed over the management of a toilet in Mashimoni area.

The two groups, one made up of a group of youths and another one made up of older individuals clashed over who should manage the toilet that was previously managed by the National Youth Service cohorts.

The youth who spoke to Ghetto Radio News say that they took over the management of the toilet after its completion by the NYS.

“These toilets were built by the NYS cohorts. And after completion, they were handed over to the community, that is where took over the management only for these men to show up and try to take them away from us,” stated on of the youths.

They claim that the other group made up of older men has gone to an extent of painting them as criminals to the police despite them having another toilet that is generating income for them.

“If you go to Jonsaga police station, you will find a report filed by these guys there. And these are guys who are already established. Why can’t they just let us manage the toilets,” they ask.

Toilet business in the slums is regarded as a very lucrative business following the high population of individuals living in houses without toilets.

In July last year, several Kenyans in the Nairobi CBD were unable to access toilets after two groups clashed over the management of the CBD toilets.