Gospel Industry rocked with yet another Beef

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The Kenyan gospel industry has once again been rocked with beef between its artistes.

Gospel singers Stephen Kasolo and Weezdom have been embroiled in an online beef following Peter Blessing’s woes at EMB records.

Earlier, gospel singer Bahati had shared a Youtube video explaining why he had Peter Blessing arrested revealing that the latter was in breach of their contract.

Kasolo left a comment on that video calling out the EMB boss, an action that angered EMB’s number two Weezdom.

Weezdom called out Kasolo as hypocrite in the gospel industry arguing that Kasolo is among cartels crippling the industry.

“You’re one of the fake hypocrites in the industry. You used to be so happy with me time nilipokuwa natusi Bahati juu unamchukia. Now that I’ve made peace with him ukakua adui ukaanza matusi. Hujawai post Peter Blessing on social media ama his songs but now you are all over Instagram and Facebook saying that you stand with him.” Read part of Weezdom’s comment

Kasolo then fired back at Weezdom telling him to stop depending on Bahati because his career is stagnating.

“Wewe utagrow lini ujisimamie kama seed? Utategemea mwanaume mwenzako hadi lini? Toka kwa Bahati ujisimamie tukutambue. Wewe ndio chanzo cha huyo boy kutoka kwa Bahati. Weezdom utastagnate miaka nenda miaka rudi. Mara kwa Sadic, Mara kwa Bahati.” Kasolo responded

The two were in a long back and forth that soon escalated to phone calls and text messages.

In one leaked conversation, the two hulled insults at each other with Weezdom terming Kasolo as a villager and Kasolo retorting with Weezdom’s level of education.