“Give us back our jobs to end muggings – Sonko Rescue Team tells Sonko

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A Section of former volunteers of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s Rescue team has asked the governor to give them their jobs back.

The volunteers from Kayole who were let go last year after Sonko clinched the governorship claim, some of them have resorted to crime and muggings due to lack of jobs.

“The Sonko Rescue Team abruptly came to an end without proper explanation form the governor. This has in turn rendered many of us jobless and idle,” said Rashid who was in charge of SRT in Embakasi.

They say some women have even resorted to prostitution as a result of joblessness.

“Some of these girls are widows who lost their husbands to crime. They are now forced to sell their bodies in order to provide for their families.

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Increased patrols in the the city have seen the police kill five suspected thugs in the city following a public outcry.

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has come under fire over the rising cases of muggings in the city with some individuals claiming that the muggings are being engineered by the Sonko rescue Team.

Sonko is on record saying the recent muggings have been politically sponsored.