“Gengetone has reclaimed Kenyan music locally” Susumila

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Veteran singer Susumila has lauded the new age music Gengetone for reclaiming the Kenyan music.

According to the coast based singer, Gengetone came in at an age where Kenyan artistes were fighting for play locally and leveled the playing ground.

Earlier this year, Kenyan artistes ignited an online campaign calling for local entertainment joints and media houses to play more Kenyan content.

The veteran singer now says a lot has changed since the online campaign adding that it was very successful.

“Right now this new age music, Gengetone has reclaimed the Kenyan music playing field. Six months ago you would walk in clubs and all you hear is Bongo and Nigerian music, right now it’s the likes of Wamlambez being played and people like it. The campaign was a good thing and it worked.” he said

The veteran singer also added that the Kenyan music scene has also grown to become fully dependent on social media presence and music platforms to a point that Album sales are no-longer and in thing.

As one of the pioneer artistes in Kenya, the Swahili lyricist says the industry has changed so much from the time he kicked off his career to the time he made a comeback.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio Chitchat, the singer also fired shots at his critics telling them to keep spreading negativity about him but he will keep on paper chasing.