From Betty Kyallo to Zari Hassan , Here are celebrities who kicked off the year on the headlines

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As the world ushered in 2020, the entertainment industry was very hus hush especially because a host of artistes were busy paper chasing at different new year’s eve gigz.

However a handful of celebrities made it to the headlines and here is the list of those who left tongues wagging.

  1. Betty Kyallo

Media personality Betty Kyallo shared a pot on social media narrating how the year 2019 was a tough one for her after her daughter was admitted in the ICU.

In her post, Kyallo revealed that her daughter Ivanna in 2019 diagnosed with a condition known as ADEM (acute disseminated encephalomyelitis) which affected baby Ivanna’s brain and spinal cord.

The media personality went on to add that her daughter was later admitted to the ICU and managed to pull through.

“Early this year my sweet lovely daughter Ivanna was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. It was marked by a sudden widespread attack of inflammation in the Brain and spinal cord called ADEM (acute disseminated encephalomyelitis)Basically this disease damages the protective coating of the nerve fibers called myelin that act as conducters to all muscles for basic human functionality. What this means is that one day my beautiful four year old daughter stopped walking, soon stopped talking, soon stopped eating soon was so drowsy couldn’t keep her eyes open and thereafter went into a deep coma that she had to be taken to ICU and put on life suppport for a whole month.  For the Larger part of her diagnosis doctors couldn’t even figure out what was wrong with her. We did numerous tests looking at every organ and blood but for a long time of hospitalization in Nairobi Hospital Children’s ward we couldn’t find it. All the while she kept deteriorating every day losing one function after another. Today she could talk the next day she couldn’t make a sentence. Etc. Thanks to God and the brilliant doctors that were so kind and gracious in their work and how they diligently treated my daughter especially Dr Ismail primary ICU pediatric carer for my daughter, the overall lead Neurologist carer Dr Oyatsi and ICU nurses, Ward doctors and nurses we finally found a name to what was eating her. ADEM. As a mother this was my lowest time, I was crushed every day seeing my daughter wasting away and Couldn’t do anything. Full post on my Verified Facebook Fan page BETTY KYALLO. SHE IS FULLY HEALED. AMEN!” she wrote

However fellow Media personality Ken Mijungu  took issue with the fact that Betty Kyallo did not credit her ex husband Dennis Okari for being their for their daughter when she was unwell.

According to Mijungu both him and Okari were by baby Ivanna’s bedside every single day she was unwell.

His post triggered another reaction from both Betty’s sister Mercy Kyallo and the media personality who told him to keep the negativity to himself.

  1. Yvonne Chaka Chaka

Veteran South African singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka made headlines following allegations that she was deported from Uganda where she was meant to perform on New Year’s eve.

According to reports, the singer was allegedly deported over visa issue.

She however came out to refute the allegations saying that she left Uganda because of some issues that had not been sorted for her gig.

“After reading all this I don’t know if I should just laugh or cry. All I am asking for is pls stop hate speech and fake news. What is this world coming to? If I was deported would they buy me a business class ticket. Nooooo they just put u on the plane…now you know,” she wrote on Tiwtter

Police In Uganda however issued a statement saying the singer was deprted because she entered the country on an ordinary Visa intead of a work visa.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga noted Chaka Chaka landed in Uganda on an ordinary visa instead of a work visa.

“This is to inform the public that a security task team with close coordination with immigration officials has this afternoon escorted Ms Mhinga Yvonne, popularly known as Chaka Chaka to Entebbe International airport, where she boarded her next immediate flight to South Africa, via Kigali,” he said

Yvonne had been invited to perform at the Buganda Kingdom’s annual end of the year concert, popularly known as Enkuka.


  1. Zari Hassan

On Thursday netizens had a chance to see for the first time Zari’s alleged Hubby King Bae.

In July 2019, Zari hinted that she had a secret wedding to her lover whom she only identified as King Bae.

Fans have been anxiously waiting for her to reveal the face of the man who keeps her warm but she has  managed to keep it a secret saying that King Bae is not on social media.

However on Thursday, in a short insta story which was later deleted Zari revealed the face of a certain mystery man that fans believe is King Bae.

The man in question is non other than, Cedric Anthony Fourie, a South African businessman.

Away from Zari Hassan’s relationship, her eldest son Pinto Ntale has been named as the official heir of Ivan Ssemwanga’s properties following a family meeting that was held in Kayunga District Nakaliro village, the ancestral home of the late Ivan Don.

The decesion finally settles a long bloody standoff between the socialite and her late hubby Ivan Semwanga’s family on who should inherit the late Ivan’s properties.

The clan settled on Pinto as the true heir during the clans meeting which was attended by Zari and tow of her sons Raphael Junior and Dido Seemwanga aka LilQ Quincy.

  1. Harmonize

Bongo star Harmonize angered his fans after he failed to perform at the much hyped NRGwave concert in Mombasa.

The singer was meant to curtain raise for Nigerian singer Burna boy who was the main star of the event.

The singer allegedly failed to perform after organizers of the gig failed to follow through on theor signed agreement.

According to his Manager Jembe ni Jembe, organizers failed to pay his artiste the remaining balance as earlier agreed making it hard for him to show up on stage and entertain revelers who had turned up in large numbers.

“Was not paid in full. Am very sorry…The fans wanted to see Harmonize. They messed. Hawakuwa wamejipanga, they were collecting from the gate to come pay us the balance.” The manager said

  1. Diamond Platnumz

While his former signee Harmonize did not have an ‘oh- so good’ start of the year, Wasafi records CEO Diamond Platnumz found himself treated to a King’s arrival ahead of his gig in Kigoma.

In the middle of his performance,  Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli made a surprise phone call to Diamond Platnumz commending him for flying high the Bongo flag and being a good role model in the industry.

The Head of State, disclosed that he had wished to attend Diamond’s concert and be part of history as the musician celebrated ten years of his music career.