Freshers Get Drunk In First Night In Campus!!!

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By Wyclif Musau (Kapedo Junee)

Two students helping a girl up who fell drunk on the streets

The University of Birmingham, UoB, held their first ‘Freshers night’  on the city’s most admired nightclubs strip, that was attended by more than  4,000 young adults

Pictures have emerged showing  young adults out on the streets in Birmingham as they had their first taste of the student nightlife

One of the eye-popping pictures shows a girl standing alone, leaning over railings outside the night club bwith her hair covering her face

A girl leans over railings outside Rosies nightclub, Birmingham city

Another one shows a girl being helped by University of Birmingham stewards wearing jackets which read ‘we’ll make sure you get the best from Birmingham’.

The University’s student union wrote on the web page for Freshers Fest 2017: “Brought to you by your Guild, Freshers’ Fest is your chance to get to know the beating heart of Birmingham and become part of its world class night scene!

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