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Four year old girl electrocuted in Mlango Kubwa

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mlangoA four year old girl was yesterday electrocuted to death by illegal power connections in Mathare’s Mlango Kubwa area.

The girl’s mother Grace Wairimu says that her daughter was on her way to her grandmother’s house when she was electrocuted by lose power lines in the area.

Her mother says the lose power lines were cut by two warring gangs that were fighting over the illegal connections.

“This was my third born child. She was loved by everyone in the neighbourhood,” said Wairimu.

“Her death has hurt me because she died after two camps of youth started fighting over ownership of illegal power connections. These youth cut the wires and left them hanging losely and by the time we found out, it was too late, my daughter had died,” she added.

The mother of three is now pleading with Kenya Power to move swiftly and deal with the illegal power connections before they cause more deaths.

“I pray that Kenya Power moves swiftly and end this. If they do not do that, another child will just die like mine,” said Wairimu in tears.