Former Raila Aide, Neglected, Languishing In Bad Health

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Former NASA head of secretariat Norman Magaya is reportedly languishing in bad health after he developed a heart condition occasioned by his collapse at the Bomas of Kenya in 2017.

Magaya’s deteriorating health has been highlighted by blogger Dikembe Disembe who is accusing NASA leaders of neglecting their once staunch supporter.

In a long Twitter thread, Disembe has given a narration on how Magaya’s troubles started at the Bomas Of Kenya where he was an agent of the NASA Coalition.

“Right now Magaya is so weak and thin, the body wasted by whatever it is that happened to him at Bomas, the spirit stung by the disloyalty, the isolation and the neglect by the political class he dutifully served” wrote Disembe.

In one of the threads Disembe is alleging that Magaya might have been poisoned at the Bomas of Kenya, bringing forth his heart condition that has had him hospitalised fro quite some time.

“The Bomas incident is well known to the people who should know; and it is generally understood that it was not natural. Magaya must have been poisoned. Or something more terrible happened there,” stated Disembe.

Disembe further accused some ODM officials of dragging their feet in giving Magaya treatment.

“From my conversation with several people with direct knowledge of the matter, Mr. Odinga had apparently directed that Orange House takes charge of the matter and ensures Magaya gets the support he needs,” said Disembe.

“Like Magerer Langat before him, Oduor Ong’wen is dithering on the issue, and is NOT giving the kind of leadership needed to ensure Magaya’s condition gets the attention it requires,” he further stated.

The ODM Party has however refuted the claims adding that the party has been supporting Magaya and that they will continue to support him.

“To the best of our knowledge, no pending bill exists. The SG visited with him during his most recent hospitalization and confirmed the same with Mr Magaya. He would ordinarily contact the party if there were any such bills as he has always done,” he said.