Form One Admission to be done only through NEMIS

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Form One selection process is closed and all placements as well as admissions will only be done through the web-based system known as NEMIS.

A circular issued by the Education Ministry said no schools (except sub-county and private institutions) are allowed to issue a letter of admission outside the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS).

“In order to account for every child who should be in school, it was decided that the use of NEMIS as a central point of admission be done. This way the Ministry will get real-time information of the Form One students,” read part of the statement

The education PS Belio Kipsang through the circular, further ordered that any school under NEMIS that issued admission letters without authorisation urgently ‘recall the joining instructions.’

Parents seeking placements have also been warned against paying school fees beforehand with the Ministry terming this as illegal and punishable by law.

“Actions will be taken against School Boards that will be found to condone such practice,” said the PS

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