Floods havoc force Ngara commuters to ride on backs to cross Road

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Commuters in Ngara were today forced to part with fifty shillings in order to cross the flooded Ngara bridge connecting Nyayo Market with Accra Road.

Mechanics around the area abandoned their jobs to concentrate on carrying the commutters on their backs crossing them to the other side of the road.

Water flooded the road after trucks conducting the Nairobi River clean up exercise got stuck forcing county officer to divert the water on the road in a bid to tow the trucks out of the river.

“The truck got stuck just right into the river, and when the other truck brought to tow it also got stuck. So they had to divert the water in a bid to reduce the water levels in the river hence floods on the road,” said one of the persons carrying commuters.

Marcus a mechanic in the area says young female commuters were being charged 50 shillings while the older female commuters were parting with 20 shillings.

“We are actually making a kill, i came here at 9 and i have already made 700 shillings, i am about to close work and go home,” said Marcus.