Fena Gitu goes ham on online trolls questioning her sexuality

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Singer Fena Gitu has proven that she has had enough of online trolls constantly questioning her sexual orientation.

For the longest time the singer has been accused of being a lesbian and at one point she was forced to ask people to stop digging too much into her life.

The singer took to Instagram on Wednesday to wish her friend Niyati Patel a happy birthday and online users were quick to flock her comment section to do what they do best.

The singer who seems to have had enough time on her hands decided to respond to each critic with a series of unprintable insults.

In February, Fena was linked to former KTN presenter Edith Kimani after her post went viral.

“Find yourself someone who looks at you like I look at Edith Kimani?? This is what 10 years of friendship looks like? Thank you for loving me. I love you! TROUBLE 2018?” she wrote

In October 2018, she was again accused of being in a threesome scandal with This is Ess and Patricia Kihoro. However they quashed the allegations. Ms Kihoro said she was shocked when she heard the news that she had a “girly thing” with This Is Ess and Fena Gitu.

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