Fans Surprise Ghetto Radio’s Niaje Niaje Star With A Cake

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She is vibrant, she is strong, she is resilient, she is a fighter but above all she is the people’s presenter.

Listening to Celina Njoki’s energetic voice vibrate through the airwaves of your favourite station Ghetto Radio 89.5 on the mid morning show Niaje Niaje, not only gives you the energy to keep moving but also keeps you warm in this cold May weather (no pun intended).

So Celina popularly known as Brown Girl Sedakta, battled acquired haemophilia (a genetic disorder that impairs the body’s ability to make blood clots) and bounced back to host Nairobi’s biggest mid morning show Niaje Niaje.

21st May (today) is apparently Celina Njoki’s birthday and when she was about her duties entertaining her fans and receiving birthday messages, some of them (fans) stormed the Ghetto Radio Studios at Security Building with a surprise cake.

An elated Celina could not hold her joy, she broke down, she teared up, she laughed, she hugged as she tried to digest the surprise.

“These are people, i have only interacted with on phone or on social media while hosting Niaje Niaje. I can’t believe they have done this to me. This means a lot me,” said Celina.

So together with her fans Selectress Reen, Karehu Dan, Ken Kariu and Tracy, they cut the cake, sang happy birthday on air as she continued with her show.

Here’s the video of how it went down;


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