Family forced to sleep in the cold after house was demolished

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A woman in Dandora Phase 5 is sleeping in the cold after her house was demolished.

According to Lydia Kanana the demolitions carried out last week were abrupt and without any notice.

”The demolitions were conducted by representative of Kenya Railways without issuing me with a notice. They said that my house was close to the railway line and they only gave me a chance to clear my property together with those of my three children.” Said Kanana.

Kanana says she had been assured by the land owner that it was not on public land and after the demolitions she confronted the man who verbally abused her claiming the deal was already done.

She is now calling the government to carry out investigations into land fraud cases to avoid more people losing property.

“I urge the government to investigate the numerous cases of fraudsters selling public land to unsuspecting citizens to avoid more people losing their property and investments through demolitions.” Kanana.

Kanana is a casual laborer who is the breadwinner of her family as her husband is in prison thus struggling to cater for her 3 children.

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