Ezekiel Mutua wants Citizen TV to stop airing 10/10 show

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citizenKenya Film Classification Board Ezekiel Mutua has released a statement criticizing the 10/10 show which airs on citizen TV every Friday night.

Mutua says he has received complaints from concerned parents regarding the show which he described as a discotheque on national television.

In a post shared on his Facebook page, Mutua says the show is indecent and very immoral.


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“I have received a barrage of complaints from parents and concerned Kenyans about 10/10 show that airs on Citizen TV on Friday night. This is one of the most obscene shows ever to be aired on the mainstream media in Kenya where young boys and girls are paraded in a diabolical show of scatology, engulfed in smoke, amidst blaring and deafening noise. It’s the epitome of indecency and goes against everything that a morally upright society holds dear. To have young boys and girls gyrating their bodies on each other like lunatics while being cheered on by irresponsible adults who call themselves show hosts is the most disgusting abuse of national frequencies. Although 10/10 comes outside the watershed period (10pm) it involves young boys and girls behaving badly live on set, and in-between it advertises beer, cigarettes and condoms. This is a discotheque on tv.”he wrote

He went on to explain that although the show was beyond the watershed hours it still violates Kenyan Tv regulations and wants Kenyans to speak out so that it can be pulled off air.

Mutua said KFCB has submitted a bill in parliament to strengthen the content regulation but urged Kenyans to speak out against immoral TV shows.