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Eric Omondi puts up a huge billboard at JKIA to welcome his girlfriend

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omondiFor anyone who has been following on Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli’s love story it does not come as a surprise that the comedian would actually go an extra mile just to welcome his girlfriend back home.

Chantal traveled to Italy in September 2017 to be with her family and at the time the distraught comedian took to social media to threaten her with how he would camp at JKIA daily untill she came back to Kenya.

Back in 2015 when the lass got back from Italy Omondi hired FBI dance crew to welcome his girl back. The crew together with Omondi danced to Patoranking’s ‘my woman,my everything’ causing a stand off at the airport as they danced.

Yesterday however the comedian partnered with star times to have a billboard of his girlfriend posted at the airport with a welcome message.

The billboard which read “welcome home Chantal, thank you for upgrading my life” was placed on one of the routes connecting the airport to Mombasa Road.

The couple even stopped and took photos at the billboard and posted them online followed by a video of Eric driving around Chantal on a luggage cart like a baby.

Eric Omondi has often been trolled by men online for setting the standards too high for fellow men. At some point the comedian and his girlfriend acted out the role of Adam and Eve and shared their love story online with their fans.